A Bed Is A Door is a series of five blankets made to absorb and accumulate the energies released from the human body at its asleep state. They welcome the slumber of artists, writers, performers, musicians and researchers with the aim of stimulating lucid dreaming, self-suggestion power and divination during the sleeping state: the microcosmic manifestation of a primordial energy. The work is developed as an artist’s overnight residency, operating in the spaces of Villa Romana in Florence.


A Bed Is A Door stems from the desire to explore and experience a world not governed by the laws of physics. The project began with a series of exercises designed to develop a state of consciousness during sleep, in order to explore and modify dreams at will: while perception and feelings are really experienced, physical principles such as gravity, entropy or space-time lose their hegemony, opening the gates to a reality in which imagination is free to grant consciousness any form or material state.



2011- ongoing
5 examples,  250 x 150 cm each
retroreflective surface,
sublimatic print on setaflag tissue